Lotus 97T Renault

Available kits of Lotus 97T

  • ClubM early curbside resin kit
  • Model Factory Hiro (full metal kit incl. engine/monocoque)
  • Model Factory Hiro new release 2009 (mixed media full kit incl. engine/monocoque, rain tires)
  • Studio 27 (built version of above)
  • Fujimi full detail plastic kit

Lotus 97T Renault by Club M

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Veröffentlicht: Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2009

This is an out-of-production early resin kit made by Club M.
It is the only curbside kit of the Lotus 97T.

Casting is not up to today's standards, there may be some air bubbles here and there, but it is doable and because of it's simplicity a good kit for the beginning resin modeler ;-)
Has black resin tires.

Kit data
Media: Resin, White metal, resin tires, decal sheet, no photoetch
Scale: 1/20
Origin: Japan
Issue Price: 14800 yen