Lotus 95T Renault

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  • Factory T'z (curbside resin kit)
  • Studio27 new release (several versions - curbside resin kit)

Lotus 95T by Factory T'z

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Veröffentlicht: Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2009

This is a out-of-production resin kit made by Factory T'z/Japan.

This is a curbside kit of one of the early Turbo Lotuses, the 1984 Lotus 95T Renault EF4. It was driven by Elio de Angelis and Nigel Mansell. Representing the first major design by Gerard Ducarouge during his stint at Lotus, the car was virtually unchanged during the season. Both drivers led races, but failed to score a single win. Seems they both didn't have the sheer talent of an Ayrton Senna...
The kit has the usual amount of metal parts (suspension...) and some resin parts.
As usual for early small-production resin kits, some parts are exact copies of Tamiya parts (brakes etc.).
On this kit the resin is very crisp and sharp. Some parts are a bit warped, probably due to the age of the kit. But nothing impossible to repair. The white metal parts are well detailed, though there's no PE sheet...

The decals look very good in the correct oatmeal color. They are nicely registered and seem to be up to the usual Studio 27 standard.

The tires seem to be Tamiya Lotus 99T tires (or something similar). They're the usual Tamiya rubber tires.

Kit data  
Media: Resin, white metal, rubber tires, decal sheet
Scale: 1/20
Origin: Japan
Issue Price: 16000 yen