Lotus 88 Ford

Available kits of Lotus 88/88B

  • Studio 27 curbside resin kit
  • ClubM full detail resin / white metal kit
  • MFH full detail resin / white metal kit
  • Ebbro plastic kit (full detail, 88 and 88B variants)

Lotus 88(88B) by Club M

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Veröffentlicht: Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2009

This is an out-of-production, but fully detailed resin kit made by Club M.
It is the only full detail kit of the famous Lotus 88/88B.

This kit has many many parts to build a full detailed version of the car. It consists of resin halves for the inner monocoque as well as removable cowl and undertray of the outer chassis. Not many PE parts, but white metal parts for engine, suspension, chassis construction.
Decal sheets for the ESSEX sponsered Lotus 88 and for the JPS/Courage sponsored Lotus 88B. The makers had some minor problems with the word 'John' as it is written as 'Jhon'...

Kit data
Media: Resin, White metal, photoetch, rubber tires, decal sheet
Scale: 1/20
Origin: Japan
Issue Price: 19800 yen