Lotus 109 Mugen/Honda

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  • Shunko curbside transkit, decals sold separately

Lotus 109 Mugen/Honda by Shunko

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Veröffentlicht: Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2009

This is a resin transkit made by Japanese modeler "Shunko".
It was sold through Japanese Yahoo!Auctions and is also available at Auto Modeler's Cafe.

Obviously, this transkit was made with a Tamiya 107B as base...

This kit needs parts of the Tamiya Lotus 107B and also the Museum Collection Lotus 107C/109 decal sheet to complete.
The quality of the resin is not as crisp as recent Studio27 kits, but I think at least as good as the MOA Lotus 100T transkit.

Kit data 
Media: Resin, white metal
Scale: 1/20
Origin: Japan
Issue Price: 13800 yen (Yahoo!Japan auction)