Project restarted

Hauptkategorie: Projects Kategorie: Lotus 102 Lamborghini Veröffentlicht: Freitag, 10. Januar 2014

I restarted this project using the "Wonder Festival limited sale" S27 decals.

For the first time I created a CAD model of the main engine parts and 3D printed the parts.

 First, I cut the nose of a Tamiya Lotus 102B and adapted it to 102 specs. The undertray of the donor kit was cut away and mated to a MP4/5B diffusor.

The engine is not available in 1/20 scale, so I created my own engine block, cam covers and exhaust pipes with a CAD software. After several test runs, I finally got the parts 3D printed by Shapeways FUD process. Some modifications at the exhaust ends needed to be done to adapt the parts to the undertray. The original gearbox of the 102B kit was changed to my needs. The engine cover underwent some surgery to bring it to 102 spec. Then I applied the S27 decals. As usual, there were some misprints and some logos missing, so I started up my ALPS printer to create them. Here's the result so far:

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