Tyrrell 023 Yamaha Early Season

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1/20 Tyrrell 023 Yamaha

Tamiya plastic kit

This model is based on the Tamiya kit, which served as a test field to get experience with some techniques.


It is not 100% correct in terms of reproducing the original car, as it lacks some small bits (i.e. holes in the engine cover - thanks to Phil Curtis for mentioning this).
While building the car, I first tried the Tamiya decals for the blue areas, but was disappointed with the result. I knew of the F1 Specialties Early Season decal set, so I stripped the car and did the required changes.


  • Closed air outlets in the sidepods
  • Reshaped the airbox
  • Tire valves added from small wire
  • Tire lettering airbrushed through Museum Collection stencil
  • No decals used for color scheme, anything masked and airbrushed
  • Some heat staining on the exhaust (Not really perfect)
  • Bare Metal Foil for undertray heat shields

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