About me

About me

My name is Steffen, I live in the suburbs of Dresden, Germany. I am employed as department manager in a public health insurance company.

This homepage is about my scale modeling efforts. I'm not really an experienced builder, but my skills are getting better and better!
Before starting a modeling project, I try to gather as much as possible information on the subject. This includes reference pictures (most important) and any kind of information regarding the current project.
I started modeling as a child with airplane kits and later moved my attention to cars.

One day back in 1986, I saw an article in a Hungarian motorsport magazine including pictures of the beautiful Lotus 98T of the great Ayrton Senna. I didn't understand a single word, simply because I don't speak Hungarian, but that "black beauty" drew my attention. Back then, behind the Iron Curtain, this Hungarian magazine not even existed officially... I immediately fell in love with Team Lotus. Therefore I am focussing on 1/20th scale kits of Lotus Formula 1 cars.
I've built some other kits to train my skills and to practice some techniques, like working with photoetch parts, wiring engines or airbrushing.

Whenever possible, I try to build the models with engine detail. Most of the available plastic kits include engine detail, or at least something like that :-) But recently some very detailed multi-media kits are made by the likes of Model Factory Hiro, even though they are very pricey. But the "standard" resin kit is still a curbside.

If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me!